Saturday, March 30, 2013


This year for Easter I felt a little more rushed than normal. Maybe it's because I still feel like I'm trying to get used to having three kids (it's taking me a while to adjust!!) or maybe it's because it was so close to Lena's birthday again. But I have tried to make a few new things for Easter, it always make holidays seem more fun and festive when there are some new decorations.
My first new addition was my bright and cheery Easter egg wreath. This spring has seemed to take an extra long time to warm up and I thought a little something to brighten up the front of the house would be good. To make this, I got a styrofoam wreath at Walmart, covered it with burlap so I couldn't see any white in between the eggs, and just started gluing eggs on. I used pink tulle to hang it and stuck a couple extra bright colored and bedazzled eggs in the center. 
 This table runner was a last minute project but I'm glad I decided to do it :) It was easy and turned out super cute!! All I did was cute some burlap to the size I wanted for my table, stenciled on some bunnies with black paint, and hot glued the trim and bunnies tails. As a mom of three, my favorite projects are the ones that are cute, and fast to make!!

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