Saturday, March 2, 2013

New to the Blogging World

                                     My Very First Entry

     I have never had a blog before because I didn't think I would have enough things to keep writing about. However, for quite some time now I have been expanding my love for creating and crafting new things, big thanks to Pinterest for that :) I love making things I can use as decorations in the house, one because it's cheaper than having to buy something brand new, but even more importantly because I love making something my own and in turn having my personality pop in my home. I try and do the same for my kids when it comes to their rooms or anything. I like things to have personal meaning and hopefully stick around for a while, creating a warm memory every time you look at it or use it, remembering how it came to be and the thought and love that went into making it. 
     I stay home with my kids, which I love, but let's face it...stay at home moms need an outlet of their own!!! My crafts let me do something that is all mine, and I'm usually pretty proud of the final product. I'm always looking for inspiration for my new projects, but also inspiration to be the best darn housewife I can be. I love cooking, especially certain dishes that remind me of home or my childhood. The word Hotdish comes to mind :)  I want to be able to share my favorite recipes, my favorite craft or project, my products of me dabbling with photography, and just anything I may have going on in my hectic life at any given moment. Hopefully someone might be inspired by something I've shared or come up with, or maybe just entertained by my life as I know it :)

Here is a picture of my lovely family, my real inspiration for all that I love to do


  1. I am glad you started a blog! It's been a great family journal for us. The pictures and the stories mean so much looking back! I can't wait to see the fun craft ideas you have to share. :)

    1. Thanks Ali! I love this idea of being able to share stories and ideas and of course to be able to look back at the kids as a kind of journal of our lives :) You do such a good job with your blog and I love that these will be memories I can look back at for years to come!!