Saturday, March 2, 2013

Some of my Favorite (so far) Crafts

 Every season I've tried to make a canvas painting where I use the kids footprints to make something. Their feet wont be this size forever, and of course with how much I love holidays, this gives me a sweet and personal decoration to hang up in my house.
 I made both Lena and Eloise matching shelves. This was a Pinterest inspired idea, I just love how dainty they are and they were very easy to make. Except, I should probably say that I have no sewing skills of my own, so the most involved part of this project (sewing the straps) was done by someone else.

 This was Gabe's Fathers Day present last year. We had pictures taken by our friend and photographer, MarianAshleyPotography, and I wanted to use those sweet pictures and do something creative for Gabe. All I did for this one was paint a piece of wood, sand the edges to give it a more rugged look, and mod podge the pictures right onto the wood. I cut the words out with my vinyl cutter (which I have since sold :( ) and that was that!
 I took this picture while I was in Stillwater. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the picture, get it framed or make it into a canvas, but those things aren't cheap!! So,  I did the same thing as I did for Gabe's Fathers Day present. It turned out really cute, at least I think so :)

Here is another Pinterest inspired project. Everyone needs a cute place to keep your girls bows without having them all over the bathroom, and why not make it something cute to be able to display in their room? All I did for this one was spray paint an old frame (which I found at a thrift store) take pieces of fabric and hot glue the sides down (no sewing for me!) and attach them to the ends of the frame. Last, I took small hooks and screwed them into the bottom so all the headbands would have a place to hang. Cute AND functional!

 These shelves were made out of wood pallets. I just cut them to size and nailed pieces of wood to the bottoms so the books would have a place to sit. I made these nice and colorful, they are a part of a reading nook I've tried to create in Lena's room.

 Here is the shelf again, but this one belongs to Eloise. Again, so sweet and dainty. They cant hold much weight, but they sure do add some character :)

Here are Everett's pallet shelves. I left his more rustic because his "room theme" is North Woods. His rustic, old looking shelves fit right in with all his black bear, moose and cabin like decor. 
 This old, refinished door has been one of my favorite projects so far. I found the old door at a Habitat for Humanity store and picked it up for $10!! I sanded all the old paint down, picked this bright, pretty turquoise and painted the whole door. After it had all dried, I took a cloth that I dipped into some dark stain and rubbed it around, not wanting to cover up too much of the paint, but just enough to give it a more rustic look. I had that small mirror and just did the same as far as the paint and stain and nailed it on. The shelf is just a piece of wood I cut to size, and again painted and stained. I attached the shelf with small black metal brackets. I love the pop of color in my otherwise very neutral room. I think I just might have to take another trip down to Habitat for Humanity and see what other treasures I can find!
I just love Dr. Suess. His quotes are so sweet and inspirational, especially for kids rooms. I wanted this quote for Lena's room, so i decided to try and do it myself :) I'm not very artistic when it comes to painting pictures and designs, but I took a chance and did my best to paint a colorful, fun and creative canvas. I just painted the whole canvas pink, then very carefully, and VERY slowly, painted the quote. I but some burlap bordering the one side just to give it a little texture, and finally I used lots of bushy tulle to hang it up.

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